• 4 March - 4 September 2011
    Claudia Gian Ferrari Hall

    In parallel with the retrospective exhibition Michelangelo Pistoletto: From One to Many, 1956-1974, MAXXI will be presenting an exhibition devoted to Cittadellarte, an interdisciplinary laboratory for art and culture founded by Pistoletto in his home town of Biella in 1998.
    Here the artist has developed an organic institution composed of a number of independent and self-organised departments or uffizi addressing sectors such as Art, Economics, Education, Politics, Ecology and Communication.
    Continuing on from Pistoletto’s participatory works of the late Sixties, the Cittadellarte project reflects the artist’s determined commitment to art at the centre of a process for the responsible transformation of society. The exhibition Cittadellarte will highlight the intellectual, political and social debates promoted by this laboratory, with a programme of collateral activities utilising the exhibition space as a social and educational forum.

    Phoyo by Sebastiano Luciano

  • Conceived as a vast workshop, the structure of Cittadellarte is articulated around diverse nuclei: the Uffizi (Offices). Each develops its own activities, focused on a specific environment of the social system, from ecology to economics, from nutrition to spirituality. The Sala Claudia Gian Ferrari hosts six Offices, each represented by one project. In the hall of the Museum, three multimedia stations offer: a connection with Evento 2011 in Bordeaux; the interview between Michelangelo Pistoletto and Elena Del Drago for Radio 3 Suite; and, a connection with the website

    The Production Office places the philosophy of Cittadellarte in direct interaction with the world of manufacturing, craft and industry. Among the Office’s projects, Forme in Movimento (Forms in Motion) calls for the realisation of basic modules of variable examples of architecture, for the presentation of excellence from two Italian territories. The four Cubes dedicated to the area of Biella, and the three Pyramids dedicated to the Trentino region are both a tool for exhibiting the typical production of each territory, as well as the products themselves, intended to create new perspectives of development for local craft. Each work, the fruit of a collaboration between an artist and a craftsman, is defined as being “in motion” because it travels, becoming an ambassador for its territory of origin.

    Cittadellarte Fashion - Bio Ethical Sustainable Trend (B.E.S.T.)
    Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T is a workshop, operative since 2009, dedicated to the development of bio-ethical sustainability in textile industry, activating research projects that range from design to production, and from distribution to communication.

    The Fashion Office collects and organises these materials in a consultable archive and promotes activities of awareness raising about responsible consumption. Stimulating the entire manufacturing process, and implementing approaches to intelligent transformation, the project brings together, in one platform, dozens of companies producing eco-sustainable textiles and threads. The exhibition presents the creations of some fashion designers, selected by Franca Sozzani, director of Vogue Italia, and by Cittadellarte, realised using these same materials.

    Love Difference - Movimento Artistico per una Politica InterMediterranea
    The Politics Office - Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Policy is represented by Love Difference project, a non-profit association founded in June 2002 by Cittadellarte, in collaboration with international institutions, cultural centres, researchers, curators and artists. The association’s goal is the development of creative projects that favour dialogue between populations with different cultural or religious backgrounds. The symbol of this project is the Love Difference Table, at the centre of the room. Around it, Love Difference has brought together, on more than one occasion, artists, politicians, activists, businessmen, social operators and the general public, proposing meetings to investigate various socio-cultural systems and the consequent economic-political tensions, extended well beyond the limits of the Mediterranean basin.

    The Strategy and Communication Office realises projects and communication campaigns tied to messages and programmes of social transformation, beginning with the Third Paradise project, a founding vision of Cittadellarte. The Office produces publications and offers services to public and private institutions, cultural organisations and businesses. The exhibition presents some of the editorial products and research realised by Cittadellarte, such as the essay Visible, published in 2010.

    UNIDEE - Università delle Idee
    The main activity of the Education Office is UNIDEE – The University of Ideas, an international residency programme focused on training the new figure of the “aRtivatore” - an activator of processes of social transformation through creative ideas and projects”. This expertise unites the characteristics and skills of the artist, the curator, the entrepreneur and the social designer. UNIDEE in Residence is a residency programme supported by a network of private and public partners, offering study grants. Participants develop a professional dimension in the arts, production and social activities in order to offer innovative proposals to businesses, organisations and public administrations. Its activities include: workshops for schools, courses for adults - including the UNIDEE Educational course, designed to train professional figures and educators to work within the system of museums - and the institution of the Scuola Libera Montessori Cittadellarte, open to children and adults, where pedagogy and art are integrated as part of an active experimentation.

    N.O.V.A. Civitas Nuovi Organismi di Vita Abitativa
    The N.O.V.A. Architecture Office deals with the design and realisation of what are known as “new organisms for dwelling”, constructed around the relationship between man and the environment. In this manner, the relation between art, responsibility and sustainability realistically defines and conditions the world of design: the city and the dwelling become a living organism. The buildings proposed by Cittadellarte pursue the criteria of Natural Architecture, conceived to be an integral part of a vaster social system, focused on the balance between nature and artifice. The wall on display is realised in straw, a primary material that has always been readily available in vast quantities and at low costs. Utilised as a load bearing element of construction and insulating material, it gives rise to a new technology that is thermally, structurally, seismically, environmentally and economically efficient.

    Il Terzo Paradiso
    In 2003, Michelangelo Pistoletto completed the Nuovo Segno d’Infinito (New Sign of Infinity), the symbol of the Terzo Paradiso (Third Paradise), assumed as the founding vision of Cittadellarte. In 2005, the project was presented at the 51st Venice Biennale. Since 2007, a multimedia work in progress is underway, in collaboration with Gianna Nannini and RAM - radioartemobile. In 2010, Michelangelo Pistoletto laid out the cut of the Terzo Paradiso in Assisi, in collaboration with the FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, marking the beginning of the works to restore the Bosco di San Francesco and, the same year, the artist published the essay il Terzo Paradiso. The message of the Terzo Paradiso was circulated through the organisation of live events, exhibitions and online activities, aimed at stimulating and producing a transformation of society, both local and global. The exhibition presents the installation Nuovo Segno d’Infinito, which refers to the symbol of the Terzo Paradiso, accompanied by the voice of Gianna Nannini who intones the motif Mama.

    Cittadellarte Fashion BEST (Bio Ethical Sustainable Trend), 2009; ph. L'ufficio Strategia e comunicazione espone alcuni progetti editoriali e di ricerca; ph.

  • Calendar of events
    curated by the Education Department

    Tuesday 12 April - 11.00
    Many chairs many stories
    The Mediterranean Round Table – Love Difference and the Third Paradise by Michelangelo Pistoletto.
    Starting out with the work by Pistoletto located in the MAXXI piazza that introduces them to the artist’s world, children exchanged observations on the theme of the encounters between different peoples and try to delineate together an hypothesis for a desirable coexistence.

    Thursday 14 April - 18.30-19.30 and 20.30-21.30
    Mediterranean. Stories of landings
    Stories and readings with the Community of Sant’Egidio

    Space at MAXXI for listening to witnesses, for interweaving stories, for reliving experiences.
    Of travel, of migration, of encouter.
    Cultures, religions, peoples, men of our sea.
    To be touched – not frightened – by what is happening in the Mediterranean.
    To look upon those living in hope and audacity with affection.
    To look upon those who did not make it with compassion.

    Tuesday 19 April - 12.00
    PCM Mediterranean Cultural Parliament

    The Mediterranean Round Table

    The Mediterranean Cultural Parliament was founded at Strasburg on 25 June 2008 thanks to the efforts of Michelangelo Pistoletto and Love Difference, in collaboration with Apollonia. The meeting has two objectives: identifying significant new cultural and political figures interested joining the Mediterranean Cultural Parliament and pursuing the mission outlined in the charter, generating new energy for the MCP in the light of the dramatic social and political vicissitudes currently affecting the Mediterranean peoples.

    The meeting will be transmitted on Ram Live 19 April, 17.00 / 21 April. 14.30 / 22 April, 12.25
    The International Telematic University UNINETTUNO will be devoting a programme to the Mediterranean Cultural Parliament round table on RAI NETTUNO SAT

    Thursday 19 May - 18.30-20.30
    The Mediterranean, immigration, dialogue and crisis
    A seminar around Michelangelo Pistoltetto’s Mediterranean Table – Love Difference with the Discussion Group on Asylum and Immigration.

    The seminars for discussion and analysis on immigration represent an original experience conducted in Italy for over five years by a group of intellectuals, ecclesiastical and trade union figures, NGOs and associations operating in favour of immigrants, jurists, members of parliament and a number of business associations and public institutions, international organizations and public bodies that have created a network for the discussion of the issues of immigration and asylum, the tackling of the themes associated with the government of such phenomena and the analysis of a number of aspects relevant to their management.
    The seminar at MAXXI will be presented and coordinated by Daniela Carlà and Ugo Melchionda.