Jemolo, Andrea

A rigorous “portraitist” of historic, modern and contemporary architecture, Andrea Jemolo (Rome, 1957) is a photographer alert to the technical and aestheticizing dimension of the photograph. As Pippo Ciorra says, “capable of “animating” the stone of Roman statues and that of buildings, what is striking in Jemolo’s work is both the capacity for abstraction that makes every vision a finished and perfect image, as powerful as the sum of all the images of the building, and a sensitivity that appears to allow him to always see the building through the architect’s eye, be it Giulio Romano or Richard Meier, rediscovering the most important meanings and shedding light on crucial visions and perspectives(…). A perfect “vision”, with out losing sight of the building as a whole.” (P. Ciorra, “Equlibri complessi”, in Visione Aperta Roma Città, exhibition catalogue, Rome 2004).
Since 1988, Jemolo has been working on the assembly of a photographic archive that today contains around 10,000 images created during shoots for magazines and art and architecture publishing companies or commissioned by various institutions, as in the case of the works for MAXXI.