Too Fast (FF >> Venezia)

Too Fast

Lara Favaretto
Too Fast (FF >> Venezia)
dvd black&white, 1′ circa
Permanent collection MAXXI Arte

Too Fast (FF>>Venezia) is a reduced version of La terra è troppo grande, a video-installation realized on the occasion of the Young Italian Art Award 2004-2005, displayed at the 51st Venice Biennial. Unlike the slow flowing of the piano-sequence of the original video, in this opera, the running speed of the image make viewing almost impossible, preventing the eye from clearly perceiving the entire sequence. The vanishing effect is lead by the rapidity of the movement. As often happens in Lara Favaretto’s productions, the research into perception implies an interacting emotional participation of the spectator. The video is therefore useful to the artist to reinterpret a realist and/or imaginary narration from a new point of view, which moves the attention towards it.