MAXXI and 1ring: information in 1 ring

MAXXI and 1ring: information in 1 ring
Carry MAXXI with you!
All the information you need in 1 ring.

1ring has come to MAXXI: the virtual container that allows you to save all you see and all that interests you.
The first museum to use the platform, thanks to 1ring MAXXI offers immediately access to electronic files regarding the works on display, details about the artists, information about current and future events, extra contents, video interviews and much more. And it’s all free!

When you see this symbol  alongside a work or associated with a MAXXI event it means that you can easily access information and special contents with a free call from your mobile phone.

• Dial the number you find alongside the icon

• You’ll then receive all the information relating to the work or the event that interests you on your 1ring profile and your email account.

You haven’t yet registered? After calling we’ll send you an SMS with your user name and password for registration on Until then 1ring will collect and save all the information requested.