YAP MAXXI 2011

    exhibition 24 June - 28 August 2011 Gallery 5
    events 23 June - 16 October 2011 YAP Space

    MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 of New York have joined forces with MAXXI to launch YAP MAXXI, the first Italian edition of the established Young Architects Program. Each year YAP, which in New York has reached its 12th edition, invites emerging achitects to design an installation capable of providing a space for the museum’s summer events program and an area with “shade, water and repose” for visitors.
    As is the case with MoMA PS1, the selection of the five finalists and the choice of the winning project takes place thanks to the collaboration of a broad panel of experts and a combined MAXXI, MoMA/MoMA PS1 jury. As well as emphasising the public status of the MAXXI garden space, the objective is to promote innovative designers sensitive to the issues of environmental protection.

    The exhibition, open simultaneously at MoMA and MAXXI, documents all five MoMA PS1 finalists and the five MAXXI finalists. The museum’s external areas, transformed into a garden of green islands thanks to the project WHATAMI by the stARTT, will instead host MAXXI’s summer evening events devoted to the various facets of contemporary arts.

    The Rome and New York Young Architects Program exhibitions present the work of all finalists and are curated respectively by Pippo Ciorra, Senior Curator at the MAXXI Architettura and Barry Bergdoll, The Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design, MoMA.


      stARTT/ Italy

    The winning proposal in Rome is an archipelago of green spaces including a great main ‘island’ and several smaller ones scattered across the museum’s outdoor space. Large ‘flowers’ provide visitors with shadow by day and light at night, creating an area for summer relaxation and a grandstand during the museum’s numerous outdoor events. At the end of the summer, all the natural materials will be returned to their places of origin. The high-tech flower objects will be relocated throughout the city, in parks and public school playgrounds.
      Raffaella De Simone e Valentina Mandalari/ Italy

    Simple wooden constructions, comprising shaded cabanastyle rooms, provide space for relaxation and a view of the activities in the surrounding open space. Canopied with different textiles, the structures offer a variety of microclimates, and in their minimalism they contrast with the great museum building and the open space of its piazza.
      Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos/ Spain

    The main structure in this dynamic environment is a highly heat-and light-reflective canopy of silver mesh fabric resting on metallic structures grouped in concentric rings. Animated by wind, light, water, and the activities of visitors below it, the canopy creates a refreshing atmosphere in the open space, which is furnished with swings, hammocks, rocking chairs, and pierced overhead piping that provides a light sprinkling of artificial rain.
      Asif Khan/ Gran Bretagna

    MAXXI Cloudis a beach for city dwellers who cannot escape to the coast in the heat of summer. A buoyant cloud canopy, a landscape of lounge chairs, a pool, and a set of drinking fountains. The clouds - made of water, soap, helium, and fine nylon netting - float above the seating area, shading visitors relaxing on the beach-style loungers.
      Ghigos Ideas/ Italy

    A pavilion consisting of horizontally installed circular platforms connected by ladders and showered by jets of water. Mirrored surfaces reflecting the sky, and various waterworks create an area for play and relaxation. The platforms are constructed mainly from wood, and all water used - apart from that dispensed by the drinking fountains - is recycled back through the design.


      Interboro Partners/ Brooklyn, New York

    A bold canopy of ropes and sails defines the space and provides shade without the visual distraction and spatial interference of a support system at ground level. The focus is on visitors’ interactions with one another and with moveable benches, stools, wading pools, and Ping-Pong tables rather than physical or tactile encounters with the structure itself. The adjacent side courtyards are treated differently, the smaller one lined with mirrors, the larger filled with a dense urban wood.
      Formlessfinder/ New Haven, Connecticut and Brooklyn, New York

    A dense arrangement of weighty columns, arches, and vaults creates irregular spaces, a formless forest for a time of ecological concern and diminishing resources. The fill materials-gravel, sand, and recycled foam-are most often used in landscape design to control erosion. In addition to the shade created by the structure overhead, pools of water positioned throughout the courtyard provide respite from the hot summer sun.
      IJP Architects/ Londra and Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Constructed primarily of blue, white and red polypropylene rope, the lightweight installation is a minimalist delineation of a series of interconnected roomlike spaces. The main courtyard area features uncovered, open, and permeable dining, seating, and shallow bathing areas, while a smaller area hosts a covered representation of a one-room house, complete with a pitched roof, eaves, and a chimney. Ethereal yet familiar, the design combines the formal, public space of the MoMA PS1 courtyard with the informal environment of the private home.
      MASS Design Group/ Boston, Massachusetts

    Resembling an underwater zone below a series of ice floes, the installation is designed to cool visitors in the hot summer months through the introduction of large areas of shade and the suggestion of a chilly, watery world. The design also incorporates a plunge pool and misting system, lowering temperatures within the pavilion.
      Matter Practice/ Brooklyn, New York

    Taking as a starting point the relief we experience when we move between temperature extremes, the proposal juxtaposes warm and cool areas throughout MoMA PS1’s outdoor spaces. Moving between the ventilated and unventilated areas, visitors enjoy the relief of warming up or cooling down on a microclimatic level. A colorful canopy shades the entire space, blocking ultraviolet rays.


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    Work on the construction of the WHATAMI project by stARTT began in the MAXXI Piazza on 24 May: an archipelago of eight green islands built on a structure of straw bales and earth and dressed with 700 m2 of washed turf. The central island is fixed and around two metres high, while the seven smaller islands are mounted on wheels. This landscape is mobile and illuminated at night by 18 five-metre tall glassfibre flowers that instead cast pools of shade by day. A running water feature completes the installation.






    See the construction site day by day: http://whatamiproject.blogspot.com/

    a series of musical performances staged in Italy for the first time by some of the most innovative interpreters on the international scene;
    ContemporaneaMente_a cycle of encounters with some of the protagonists of Italian culture such as Gianna Nannini, Andrea Camilleri, Carlo Verdone and Ascanio Celestini, interviewed by Pierluigi Battista and Piero Dorfles;
    Architecture Talks_a season devoted to the most recent Italian architecture that will see 24 Roman studios discussing their research and activities with the public;
    Architecture Visions_a programme of screenings offering the public an opportunity to get to know some of the principal exponents of contemporary architecture and the most interesting buildings on the international panorama while relaxing in comfort in the YAP MAXXI green archipelago.

    Thursday 23, 20.30   MAXXIMALISM/Summer music shows at MAXXI


    Wednesday 29, 19.00   Lezioni di Tai Chi


    Wednesday 29, 20.00   Architecture Talks-Rome. Giovani architetti romani presentano il proprio lavoro
    scape, FAN studio, ma0/emmeazero, studioUAP


    Thursday 30, 20.15   ContemporaneaMente
    Gianna Nannini in conversazione con Pierluigi Battista



    Friday 1, 20.30   REWF@MAXXI / Dj set + Visuals
    The 2 Mellow Boys


    Wednesday 6, 19.00   Tai Chi Lessons


    Wednesday 6, 20.30   Architecture Talks-Rome
    2A+P/A, insula architettura e ingegneria, OFL architecture, MORQ


    Thursday 7, 20.30   MAXXIMALISM/Summer music shows at MAXXI
    DJ/rupture - Nettle


    Friday 8, 20.30   REWF@MAXXI / Dj set + Visuals
    Uomoblu + FA1


    Tuesday 12, 20.30   Architecture Talks-Rome
    2tr architettura, FARE studio, IaN+, OSA architettura e paesaggio


    Wednesday 13, 19.00   Tai Chi Lessons


    Thursday 14, 20.15   ContemporaneaMente
    Giovanni Bignami
    Marco Cattaneo


    Tuesday 19, 20.30   Architecture Visions
    Playing on the Scene 1/2


    Wednesday 20, 19.00   Tai Chi Lessons


    Thursday 21, 20.30   MAXXIMALISM/Summer music shows at MAXXI
    Sandro Perri/ Polmo Polpo


    Friday 22, 20.30   REWF@MAXXI / Dj set + Visuals
    Gianni Music


    Tuesday 26, 20.30   Architectures Visions
    Playing on the Scene 2/2


    Wednesday 27, 19.00   Tai Chi Lessons


    Friday 29, 20.30   REWF@MAXXI / Dj set + Visuals



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    Thursday 1, 20.00   Architecture Talks-Rome. Giovani architetti romani presentano il proprio lavoro
    BICuadro, Labics, modostudio, TSPOON


    Friday 2, 20.30   Dj-set 


    Wednesday 7, 19.00   Lezioni di Tai Chi


    Friday 9, 20.30   Dj-set 


    Tuesday 13, 20.30   Architectures Visions
    Proiezioni di film e video di architettura contemporanea


    Wednesday 14, 19.00   Lezioni di Tai Chi


    Thursday 15, 20.15   ContemporaneaMente
    Carlo Verdone


    Friday 16, 20.30   Dj-set 


    Tuesday 20, 20.30   Architectures Visions
    Proiezioni di film e video di architettura contemporanea


    Wednesday 21, 19.00   Lezioni di Tai Chi


    Thursday 22, 20.00   Architecture Talks-Rome. Giovani architetti romani presentano il proprio lavoro
    AVAA Andreotti & Valentino Associati, c.a.c.p. - Cecilia Anselmi Carlo Prati, factory architettura, pedata ortenzi rossi studio, studio UAP


    Thursday 22, 20.15   ContemporaneaMente
    Ascanio Celestini


    Wednesday 28, 19.00   Lezioni di Tai Chi


    Thursday 29, 20.00   Architecture Talks-Rome. Giovani architetti romani presentano il proprio lavoro


    Friday 30, ore 20.30   Dj-set 



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    Saturday 1   Drome Magazine


    Tuesday 4, 20.30   Architectures Visions
    Proiezioni di film e video di architettura contemporanea


    Thursday 6, 20.15   ContemporaneaMente
    Andrea Camilleri


    Tuesday 11, 20.30   Architectures Visions
    Proiezioni di film e video di architettura contemporanea




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