MORQ (Monteduro Roia Quagliola)


MORQ is a small‐scale architectural practice committed to experimentation in contemporary architecture through professional practice, as well as through university research and teaching at University of Western Australia. MORQ’s work ranges from small/medium projects to large‐scale design competitions. MORQ established an office in Rome in 2001 and an office in 2003 in Perth.
Our design methodology is profound: all projects are generated through continuous discussions and alternative proposals and, as a result, our work is comprehensively informed by diverse approaches related to very different contexts and conditions. MORQ’s works have been published worldwide since its establishment. Recently MORQ has been featured on C3 magazine (Korea),
Architecture Australia (Au), and Elle décor magazine (It).
The publications of our work in well‐known design magazines have allowed us to create a consistent series of commissions both in Italy and Australia. We currently have several projects in progress in Australia and in Italy. In 2010 MORQ won the international design competition for the design of the University Campus in Canberra.

MORQ, Karri Loop House, Margareth River WA, 2007-2011