Free Internet at MAXXI with Provincia di Roma

Surf the web for free while you visit the exhibitions, perhaps using the museum’s new app for smartphones and tablets, or during the MAXXI events. Thanks to “Provincia Wi-Fi”, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts is able to offer tourists and visitors a new service.

It will also be possible to access the web from the Library and from the MAXXI piazza via the two new hotspots installed by “Provincia Wi-Fi” that interact with the museum’s internal network. The wi-fi service provided by the Provincia di Roma is, in fact, a “federation of networks” open to the contributions of those who make their connectivity available to create, as in this case, a further area for access to the web.

Provincia Wi-Fi’s great virtual piazza is thus expanding to unite parks, beaches, universities, schools, hospitals, courtrooms and cultural institutions and museums. With MAXXI’s contribution, the total number of free web access areas reaches 811, 549 of which in Rome, and 262 in 97 different municipalities throughout the province, while the number of registered users has reached a record of over 165,000.