New Art: New Legal Challenges

17–18 May 2012
MAXXI Auditorium
A conference presented by the IBA-Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee, in cooperation with MAXXI

New art trends have emerged on the art scene in the few last decades. We may remember digital art and holograms, Art 2.0, bio art, performances and enactments, language and law based art, appropriationism and sampling, sound and ambient art, street art, and so many others. These art movements raise specific questions and can be considered as new legal challenges for art lawyers and artists, since they are creating new and unexplored legal issues. The Art, Cultural Institutions and Heritage Law Committee of the International Bar Association and MAXXI will analyse these artistic trends through a panel of top international experts from the lawyer, artist, art critic, and museum director’s points of view, exploring new scenarios and providing useful criteria and possible solutions to these new problems.

Topics include:
• The new boundaries of the concept of art and its legal consequences
• Legal issues raised by digital art and internet based art
• Transformative uses: appropriationism and sampling
• The immaterial character of performances and enactments
• The most challenging forms of artistic expression (language based art, law based art, street art, bio art, sound art) and the legal questions they raise
• What a museum must know to deal with contemporary art

Who should attend?
Lawyers in private practice, in house counsel, art law scholars, museum and cultural institutions directors and officers, art critics, artists, auction houses, art traders, art collectors and insurers.