Transitions. Madan Mahatta, Dhruv Malhotra, Bharat Sikka

Three Photographers in Delhi selected by Deepak Ananth
The British School at Rome, Via Gramsci 61

11th May 2012
18.00 Lecture by Deepak Ananth introduced by Pippo Ciorra and Marco Delogu
19.00-21.00 Exhibition Opening

From May 2012 to March 2013, The British School at Rome has invited an international, multidisciplinary team of architects, urbanists, writers, art historians, anthropologists and photographers to lecture and exhibit their work in order to investigate new lines of enquiry on alternative forms of urbanism both at an academic and at a professional level.
In Transitions, the inaugural event, the art historian Deepak Ananth has selected three Indian photographers, belonging to three different generations, to consider the changing face of Delhi over the last sixty years: Madan Mahatta, Bharat Sikka, Dhruv Malhotra.

Exhibition curated by Deepak Ananth in collaboration with Marina Engel

Dhruv Malhotra, Untitled. Courtesy artist and Photoink

Exhibitions programme
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