Why demolish? Reinvent buildings

Why demolish? Reinvent buildings
Exploratory visit to the architectural exhibition
Re-Cycle, Strategies for Architecture, City and Planet

Secondary schools (max. 30 participants – 1 class group)

How can we “recycle” the built heritage, converting it to new uses and functions? In an exploratory visit to the museum, the students will discover how many themes touch on their everyday experiences and how architecture directly influences the lives of us all.
Exporting the strategies of the exhibition beyond the museum, the students will investigate the urban context in which they move, documenting the converted or abandoned buildings and suggesting possible solutions.

From December to April.
Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.00 A.M, Thursday and Friday from 11.00 A.M.

How does it work?
Duration 1h and 30’
reservations required
€ 100.00 per class group (max. 30 participants)
purchasable by calling 06.39967350

The Dovecote Studio, Haworth Tompkins. photo credit Philip Vile