Palmeri, Lorenzo

The architect Lorenzo Palmeri works in the fields of design, interiors, teaching and musical composition and production. His masters include Bruno Munari and Isao Hosoe, with whom he has worked for a number of years. He has been involved in education since 1997, teaching as an external faculty member and lecturer at some of the best known national ad international design schools. His projects have won and been selected for major international prizes. His principal clients include: Le cinema discotheque, Milan, Milan Trade Fair, Fumagalli components, Valenti Luce, Losa, Crippa, Gaslini 3G, Riviera Golf of Cattolica, Morandotti, Arthema, Korg, Noah Guitars, Garofoli, Andreoli, Guzzini, Invicta, Upgroup, Caffè River, De Vecchi, Nissan, Lefel, Napapijri, Biò fireplaces, Pandora Design, Lavazza, Corvasce, Danese and Stone Italiana. As Art Director he has curated among other events the exhibition Milanosounddesign with Giulio Iacchetti: 16 Designers for Invicta, 2007; Lefel (design project for the publisher Feltrinelli) 2009-2010; Arthemagroup from 2010; Valenti Luce from 2011. In the field of music, he has written scores for the theatre and installations. 2009 saw the launch of Preparitivi per la pioggia, his first album of songs featuring prestigious guests such as Saturnino on bass and Franco Battiato.

photo by Tiziana Cera Rosco