• 26 June - 20 October 2013
    Carlo Scarpa Room

    YAP MAXXI is a programme for the promotion and support of young architecture organized by MAXXI Architettura in association with MoMA/MoMA PS1 of New York, Costructo of Santiago and, for the first time, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. Each year the programme offers an emerging architectural studio the opportunity to design an installation capable of offering visitors a space for the museum’s summer events and a place with “shade, water and room to relax”.

    An international jury has chosen the winning project for YAP MAXXI 2013, the third edition of the competition, from a shortlist of five finalists: the installation He by the Turinese studio bam! bottega di Architettura sostenibile, a large-scale but lightweight piece of architecture that will float in the air above the MAXXI piazza, providing shade and plays of water by day and light by night. The projects by all the finalists will be on show at the same time in the four museums involved.

    The He installation will be inaugurated in the MAXXI piazza on 20 June 2013, at the same time as the Party Wall project by CODA (winner of YAP 2013 in New York) in the MoMA/MoMA PS1 courtyard and Sky Spotting Stop by the SO? studio (winner of YAP 2013 in Turkey) in the Istanbul Modern piazza. At Santiago instead, the installation The Garden of Forking Paths by Beal + Lyons Architects (winner of the Chilean edition of YAP 2012) will be inaugurated on 7 March 2013.

    Photo credit: Musacchio - Ianniello

  • 26 June - 20 October 2013
    Carlo Scarpa Room

    Springing MAXXI
    Milan, Italy
    Springing MAXXI  is a suspended circular fountain. The activation of segments of water along its perimeter transforms it into a multifunctional installation (fountain, sky window, theatre, space for events and play area) while two tents and the lawn that surrounds it offer comfortable seating for visitors.

    Oltre il giardino
    Loop Landscape & Architecture Design Network 
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Parma, Italy
    With Oltre il giardino (Beyond the Garden) nature enters the museum: Pinus pinea filter the sun’s rays and emanate a typical Mediterranean fragrance; the arboreal, herbaceous and graminaceous species, recall the perfumes of the Roman countryside and in the evening the lights resemble fireflies that enlighten the space.

    Ground Atlas
    Matilde Cassani 
    Milan, Italy
    In Ground Atlas a wooden platform that disappears into a pool of water becomes an urban beach with large beach umbrellas offered to visitors. The beach could be used as a platform or stage for summer events, as a backdrop, amphitheatre, pool and sundeck. 

    AK0-architettura a kilometro zero 
    Rome, Italy
    Borderline is a “dividing line” that crosses the MAXXI piazza folding back on itself. Its perimeter rises up to 3 meters, offering a space of rest with seating and backrests and concealing a “garden room” of spontaneous grass and springs of water. 

  • 26 June - 20 October 2013 
    YAP Space

    The installation He takes shape in a big suspended volume that through its dimension, the colour, the unusual and playful use of water and shadow, creates an interaction with the outdoor spaces of the museum.The transparency and the apparent lack of weight of this suspended installation generate a dialogue and a stimulating contrast with the imposing mass of the museum and its sinuous forms.

    The big volume moves with the wind emphasizing the lightness of the materials it is made of. The colour and the transparency of the materials, in contrast with the mineral nature of the museum, offer astonishing chromatic effects that vary with the changing light, modifying He’s appearance throughout the day.

    In the evening, the volume transforms into a big suspended lantern, becoming an unmistakable landmark in the urban context.

    The platform underneath offers an area for visitors to relax and enjoy; it becomes a stage for YAP MAXXI events open to both the museum and the surrounding neighbourhood, reshaping the centrality of the piazza.

     Photo credit: Musacchio - Ianniello 

  • 26 June - 20 October 2013 
    YAP Space

    MAXXI offers an enjoyable way to live the summer evenings with He, through a rich programme of cultural events, talks, workshops and DJ sets. MAXXI’s programme of events will investigate the shapes and themes of contemporary creativity alternating from June to september art, architecture and design seminars, poetry readings, videos and music. 

    Yacht Architecture Program
    curated by Domitilla Dardi
    three events explore the historic relationship between architecture and nautical science with renowed architects like Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering, Ivana Porfiri and Massimo Paperini.
    MAXXI Piazza - YAP Space, h 20.00
    • Wednesday 26 June La casa di Ulisse | Claudio Lazzarini e Carl Pickering >> 
    • Tuesday 9 July Opera viva | Ivana Porfiri >>
    • Tuesday 10 September Nuovi temi dell’Interior Yacht Design | Massimo Paperini >>

    Art collecting, business and the market: news trends in contemporary art
    curated by MAXXI Arte and Negri-Clementi Studio Legale Associato
    the relationship between art and business, authorship rights and the art market is addressed by the greatest experts of each respective fi eld in three unique events.
    MAXXI B.A.S.E., h 18.30
    • Wednesday 26 June Arte e Impresa >>
    • Wednesday 3 July Arte e Diritto >>
    • Wednesday 10 July Arte e Mercato >>
    Living Architectures Marathon 
    in collaboration with Image curated by Emilia Giorgi
    The cult film series on the work of Frank O. Gehry, Herzog & De Meuron, Rem Koolhaas, Richard Meier and Renzo Piano is presented by the authors Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
    MAXXI Piazza - YAP Space, h 20.00
    • Thursday 27 June Xmas Meier >>
    • Thursday 4 July Pomerol, Herzog & De Meuron >>
    • Thursday 11 July Koolhaas Houselife >>
    • Tuesday 10 September Gehry’s Vertigo >>
    • Wednesday 18 September Inside Piano >> 

    Coonfooderatio Helvetica - The Swiss Pavilion for EXPO 2015
    in collaboration with the the Swiss Embassy in Italy
    The Swiss studio Netwerch presents their pavilion for EXPO Milano 2015 followed by an investigation of the relationship between architecture and food safety with architecture critic Gabriele Mastrigli and Giovanni Guidotti of Comunità di Sant’Egidio.
    • Tuesday 2 July >>

    The MAXXI meets the world of fashion
    curated by Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio de’ Navasques
    The future of fashion in italy, clothes and accessories exhibited in international museums and the promotion of contemporary fashion design: a series of conversations with infl uential personalities in the fashion industry.
    MAXXI Piazza - YAP Space, h 20.00
    • Wednesday 10 July
    • Tuesday 17 September
    • Friday 27 September

    Renato! Renato! Renato! An Homage to the Estate Romana
    The MAXXI pays homage to Renato Nicolini and his Estate Romana, through the testimonies of those who are involved and the projection of rare archive material. The event will open with the presentation of Partire, the anthology of stories of travellers, promoted by cts - centro turistico studentesco e giovanile.
    • Thursday 11 July, h 19.00 

    Summer of poetry
    curated by Gabriella Sica
    Two evenings dedicated to the great poetry of the italian masters, in an intermingling of images, words and sounds not to be missed.
    MAXXI Piazza - YAP Space, h 20.00
    • Thursday 5 September 
    • Thursday 12 September

    SpazzaTour  - L'ambiente SI Nota
    curated by Prototipi di Scartus - MAXXI Education Department and L’Ambiente SI Nota in collaboration with the Associazione Pentapolis
    The EcoMusicArt Workshop will offer visitors the chance to construct musical instruments with recycled materials and it will be followed by the live performance of the eco-band Bamboo from Rome.
    • Saturday 28 September
    h 18.00 EcoMusicArt workshop by Prototipi Di Scartus
    h 20.00 Bamboo live concert