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-scape is an architectural firm based in Rome and Paris, 2008 winner in the New Albums of Young Architects.
Founded in May 2002 on an idea of Ludovica Di Falco (1975), Francesco Marinelli (1975) and Paolo Mezzalama (1975). –scape Spa was officially set up in February 2004.
Alessandro Cambi (1976) became a partner in the firm in [...]



2A+P/A is an architectural practice based in Rome directed by Gianfranco Bombaci and Matteo Costanzo. The office is involved in architecture, urban planning and landscape design, developing projects such as public and private buildings, housing settlements, urban spaces and installations. The two partners participated to international design competitions, receiving prizes and honourable mentions, and they [...]

2tr architettura_105x59

2tr architettura

Luca Montuori (Roma 1965) and Riccardo Petrachi (Roma 1967), graduated in 1993 and 1995, open their office 2tr architettura in 2000 as the evolution of a shared experience based on the theme that the project faces, as well as how to approach the project itself.
The strong question of defining the theme of our work, is [...]


Abati, Andrea

The focal points of the work of Andrea Abati (Prato, 1952) are an analysis of the transformations of the industrial architectural landscape, an attention to the mutation of the social fabric and observation of nature subject to human impact. Landscapes which the artist interprets as a [...]


(Italiano) Alessandro Anselmi

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Alÿs, Francis

Born at Antwerp, Belgium, in 1959, Francis Alÿs lives and works in Mexico City. After studying architecture in Antwerp and then Venice, in 1987 Alÿs moved to Mexico City, a metropolis that the artist treats as an immense open-air workshop. Since 1991, important solo exhibitions of his work have been staged in prestigious European, American [...]


angeletti ruzza design

Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza opened their industrial design studio in Rieti in 1994. They specialised in the design of tableware, establishing a significant relationship with Fratelli Guzzini for whom they have designed numerous successful products, receiving Design Plus and Good Design awards in 2009 and 2010 respectively. They have also turned their attention to [...]


(Italiano) Arienti, Stefano

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Ataman, Kutlug

Kutlug Ataman è nato a Istanbul nel 1961.
Dopo essersi diplomato, studia cinema a Parigi e poi a Los Angeles. Nel 1988 il suo primo corto, La Fuga (The Flight). Tornato in Turchia  si afferma, nel 1994, come uno dei più interessanti registi d’avanguardia con il film Karanlik Sular (Serpent’s Tale).
Nel 1997 espone [...]


AVAA Andreoletti & Valentino Architetti Associati

AVAA carries out its activity, also on international field, with acknowledgments for his excellence and innovation.
It collaborates actively with the international architectural network www. and artists such as Nunzio (Rome), Martin Schmidt (Munich).
Among their best-known work; Piazza Roma in Oristano, the Bridge of Science in Rome, the expansion of a Kindergarten in Sardinia, a [...]