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Daniele Durante_studiobv36_105x59

Daniele Durante_studiobv36

Daniele Durante (1969) is  an architect and Phd in “Design, Arts and New Technologies”.
He has been teaching at the Faculty of Architecture in “Sapienza” of Rome since 2004 and in  2009 he was Visiting Critic at  Cornell University in Rome.
His task is to combine the experimental dimension with a professional procedure that endeavors to create [...]


Dardi, Costantino

Costantino Dardi (1936-1991) was Giuseppe Samonà’s student at the IUAV (Venice University Institute of Architecture), and he was very young when he started his teaching, working as Aymonino’s assistant. At the beginning of the 1970s, he took part, together with Aymonino and De Feo, in the architectural competitions for the university campuses of Florence, Cagliari [...]


Davies, John

John Davies was born, in Sedgefield, Co. Durham, in 1949, and lives at Liverpool.
He is placed in the sphere of contemporary documentary photography, and is internationally known for the lucid manner in which he faces the rural and urbanized landscape. Starting in the mid ‘70s, with an analysis of the “wild” beauty of the British [...]


De Carlo, Giancarlo

Giancarlo De Carlo (1919-2005) graduated both as civil engineer and lately as architect. During WWII he acted as a militant partisan, closely supporting the anarchist movement. De Carlo has taught architecture and subsequently planning at the IUAV (Venice University Institute of Architecture) before moving on to teach architectural composition at the School of Architecture of [...]


De Dominicis, Gino

Gino De Dominicis was born in Ancona in 1947.
He studied at the city’s state art institute and attended the architecture courses at the Fine Arts Academy in Rome. In 1968, after a period spent travelling, he settled in Rome where he came into contact with the Via Brunetti group Laboratorio 70.
In 1970, he published his [...]


De Feo, Vittorio

Vittorio De Feo was a Neapolitan who graduated in Rome. He started his career in architecture with two extremely important projects: the psychiatric hospital in Frosinone (1956, he won the first prize in the competition) and the Civil and Criminal Magistrates’ Court in Rome, carried out half way through the 1960s. Architecture was, for De [...]


De Lucchi, Michele

Michele De Lucchi was born in 1951 at Ferrara and graduated from the faculty of architecture in Florence. During the years of radical and experimental architecture he was one of the leading figures in movements such as Cavart, Alchimia and Memphis. He has designed lamps and furnishings for leading Italian and European firms. He was [...]


De Pietri, Paola

The photographs of Paola De Pietri (Reggio Emilia, 1960) investigate the condition of the individual and his or her relationship with the environment. They involve a conceptual implication relating to an awareness of the spatial-temporal dynamics of experience: “a photograph of performative behaviour, wholly designed to interpret the real according to a state of experience [...]


Del Debbio, Enrico

One of the more important architects working in Rome between the 1920s and 70s, Enrico Del Debbio (Carrara, 1891 – Rome, 1973) completed his studies in Carrara at the Regia Accademia di Belle Arti, where he specialised in architecture (1910).
In 1914 he was assigned the prestigious Pensionato Artistico Nazionale, moving to the Capital, where [...]


Do Espirito Santo, Iran

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D’Onofrio, Alessandro

Born in Kinshasa (RD Congo), lives and works in Rome. Attentive to the new expressive implications that modern technologies and art disciplines have over planning, he was the author of many installations and preparations in Italy and abroad (“Sustainab_Italy” Italian summerhouse at the London festival of architecture, “Contemporary Ecologies” Ethnology museum of Hanoi; Italian summerhouse [...]