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Labics is an office of architecture and urban planning founded in Rome in 2002 by Maria Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori. Combining the theoretical approach with applied research, the field of interest of the office extends from the individual building up to the design of urban masterplans, going through the different scales and complexities of [...]


Langa, Moshekwa

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Lavin, Sylvia

Sylvia Lavin is the Director of the Department of Architecture at UCLA, where she also teaches Architectural History and Theory and where, from 2006 to 2008, she was Director of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design.
She is a regular guest lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Visiting Professor in Architectural [...]


Linke, Armin

Armin Linke was born in 1966 and lives in Berlin. He is a artist working with photography, combining different mediums to blur the border between fiction and reality. He is working on an ongoing archive on human activity and the most varied natural and manmade landscapes. His multimedia Installation about the contemporary Alpine landscape was [...]