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Meda, Alberto

Born in Tremezzina (Como) in 1945. Master in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico of Milan in 1969. From 1973 technical manager of Kartell, in charge of the development of projects of furniture and plastic laboratory equipments.
In 1979 freelance industrial designer for various companies: Alfa Romeo Auto, Alias, Alessi, Arabia-Finland ,Cinelli, Colombo design, Brevetti Gaggia, JcDecaux, Ideal [...]


Melandri, Giovanna

Giovanna Melandri has been an active contributor to Italian political life for many years.
She was a member of the Italian Parliament for 18 years (1994-2012) and held the positions of Minister for Culture (1998- 2001) and Minister for Youth and Sport (2006-2008).
During her political career, she has been mostly engaged in international relations, cultural affairs, [...]


(Italiano) Migliora, Marzia


Mochetti, Maurizio

Maurizio Mochetti was born in 1940 in Rome where he still lives and works. From the 1960s his focus has been on light understood as a physical material, with no other symbolic or mystical significance. For the artist, in fact, “the work of art is the idea, the project”, “while the technology is an instrument [...]



modostudio | cibinel laurenti martocchia architetti associati, combines architectural theory,  innovation and experimentation with high technical knowledge and professionalism thanks to the diversified skills of the founding partners after many years of collaborating with internationally acclaimed architects like Massimiliano Fuksas, Piero Sartogo, Erik Van Egeraat and Kas Oosterhuis.
Modostudio in a short time was awarded and [...]


(Italiano) Mollino, Carlo

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Moretti, Luigi

Luigi Moretti, one of the protagonists of twentieth-century architecture, was a gifted designer of outstanding creativity. He was also a scholar and a man of broad culture and deep sensibility. Luigi Walter Moretti was born in Rome to Maria Giuseppina Moretti and Luigi Rolland. According to members of the family, the birth occurred on 22 [...]


MORQ (Monteduro Roia Quagliola)

MORQ is a small‐scale architectural practice committed to experimentation in contemporary architecture through professional practice, as well as through university research and teaching at University of Western Australia. MORQ’s work ranges from small/medium projects to large‐scale design competitions. MORQ established an office in Rome in 2001 and an office in 2003 in Perth.
Our design methodology [...]


Musmeci, Sergio

Sergio Musmeci was born in Rome where he studied civil engineering and graduated in 1948. The same year in which he embarked on a series of seminal experiences within the two most prestigious Italian engineering studios, first of all collaborating with Morandi and then working alongside Nervi. His was an authentic passion for structural solutions [...]



Nemesi Studio was founded in Rome in 1997 and soon became a landmark in  contemporary Italian and foreign architecture.
Since 2002, Michael Mole is its sole director.
The research and the professional activity of the firm are reflected today into works characterised by a fine and secure language, as result of meticulous work on the form and [...]