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Bonito Oliva, Achille

Since 1968 he lives in Rome where he started his adventure as art critic.
He teaches History of contemporary art at the faculty of Architecture of Università “La Sapienza”. Among is publication: ll territorio magico, comportamenti alternativi dell’arte (1971), Le avanguardie diverse. Europa/America (1976), La transavanguardia italiana (1980), Superarte (1988), M.D. (1997) e numerous essays on [...]


Botto, Andrea

Andrea Botto was born in Rapallo (GE), where he lives and works, in 1973.
Graduate of photography at the IED of Turin, he is interested in landscape photography and architecture. Attentive to the contaminations of contemporary art’s different languages, he analyses the processes of perception and representation of the world, through the relationship between the territory [...]

Trisha Brown_105x59

Brown, Trisha

Trisha Brown (1936, Aberdeen, Washington) was educated at Mills and subsequently studied with Merce Cunningham together with other dancers such as Steve Paxton and Yvonne Rainer, with whom between 1962 and 1964 she participated in the Judson Dance Theatre, changing dance forever and overcoming the limits hitherto imposed on choreography. She developed her artistic [...]


Burden, Chris

Chris Burden was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1946. He received his BFA from Pomona College in Claremont, California and his MFA from the University of California at Irvine. Burden’s solo exhibitions include “14 Magnolia Doubles” at the South London Gallery (London, 2006); “Chris Burden” at the Baltic Center of Contemporary Art (Gateshead, 2002); “Tower [...]

c.a.c.p. studio_105x59

C.a.c.p. studio

c.a.c.p. studio // cecilia anselmi carlo prati architetti
Practice devoted to the contemporary research on architectural design, c.a.c.p. studio move toward a simoultaneous path of knowledge, merge both aspects of the discipine, teorical and pratical. They partecipated to international design competitions, receiving prizes and honorable mentions: Le Metamorfosi, Torino (winner), “Costeras”  riqualificazione della Borgata marina di [...]


(Italiano) Caccavale, Giuseppe

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Campana, Humberto and Fernando

Humberto (1953) and Fernando (1961) were born in Brotas, a city located 250 kilometers from São Paulo. With an agrarian based economy, Brotas is located in a region with abundant natural resources. Until moving to São Paulo to begin their graduation studies, they both lived with their family. Their father was an agricolture engineer and [...]


(Italiano) Campigotto, Luca

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Campo Baeza, Alberto

Born in Valladolid, Alberto Campo Baeza moved to Madrid where he studied architecture and is now the senior lecturer in the Design Department at ETSAM.
A pupil of Alejandro de la Sota, he derived from him the idea of essential architecture he was to cultivate over the course of the years.
He has [...]


Cappellini, Giulio

An architect and designer, in 1979 he joined Cappellini Spa, initially dealing with image and subsequently management. Giulio Cappellini personally controls the image and products of all the Cappellini brands, both as art director and, in some cases, as designer. Many Cappellini products are present in the permanent collection of the principal contemporary art museums. [...]