6 May 2017 - 29 October 2017


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MAXXI Architettura Archives Centre

What’s inside architecture? Just step through a door and you’re inside the spaces of our daily lives

Based on the MAXXI collections, this exhibition tranes the paths that have guided the design of interiors from the early 20th century, with Enrico Del Debbio and Giulio Gra, through to the most recent research, expressed in part through installations realised ad hoc for MAXXI, such as Matilde Cassani’s Camera del tè, by way of the most important work of many of the masters of Italian architecture from the post-war period onwards, from the houses, the shops and the museums of Carlo Scarpa to the design projects of Aldo Rossi.

Renderings, auteur photographs, films and video interviews along with models, prototypes, objects that recount the domestic environment, workplaces, reception and commercial spaces, museums and installations, furnishings and accessories presenting the complexity of contemporary society.