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Terragni, Elisabetta

Elisabetta Terragni is the principal of Studio Terragni Architetti (2001), specialised in the design of residential buildings, scholastic buildings and museum design. More recently the office has dealt with the transformation of two abandoned tunnels in Trento and is experimenting with solutions for other sites.
A former assistant at the Federal Polytechnic in Zurich, she lived [...]


Tjallingii, Sybrand

Sybrand Tjallingii is an urban planner who has studied the role of ecology in the landscape and urbanism. From 1975 to 1990 he taught with the TU Delft and, form 1990 to 2002, he collaborated with the ALTERRA research centre, a department of the University of Wageningen for the development of planning research tied to [...]


(Italiano) Tschumi, Bernard

Bernard Tschumi è uno dei più noti architetti del nostro tempo. Dopo una lunga stagione dedicata agli studi e alle riflessioni teoriche sull’architettura, nel 1983 ha richiamato l’attenzione internazionale sulla sua innovativa attività progettuale attraverso il concorso internazionale per il Parc de la Villette a Parigi, che lo ha visto vincitore. Nel 1988 ha fondato [...]



UNPACKED is an agile and fresh think tank for a wide range of creative activities including  architecture, urban planning, exhibition design, photography, design and communication.  UNPACKED aims to be a cross-fertilizing  common ground for speculations over the urban condition of the contemporary globalized metropolis,  with no prejudice on medium and expressive languages.  The office, based [...]


Valle, Tommaso e Gilberto

In 1957, the architect Tommaso Valle founded the Studio Valle Progettazioni. In 1960, he established, together with his engineer brother Gilberto, a professional association in which they have continued the profession handed down to them by their father, who was extremely active in the decades prior to WWII. The office has carried out an intense [...]


Valori, Michele

Michele Valori was an architect who graduated in Rome in 1948. He was born in Bologna and was one of the key figures of the social housing experiments carried out under the aegis of the Unrra-Casas and INA-casa agencies during the years of the post-WWII reconstruction. These programmes brought him to work alongside architects such [...]


(Italiano) Vedovamazzei

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(Italiano) Venezia, Francesco

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Viganò, Paola

Paola Viganò is an architect and urban planner and Associate Professor with the IUAV in Venice.
A Visiting Professor at numerous European schools of architecture, including KU Leuven (Belgium), EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland) and Aarhus (Denmark), she also participates in the Doctorate in Urban Planning programme at the IUAV and the EMU – European Masters of Urbanism [...]


Vitone, Luca

Luca Vitone (Genova, 1964) lives and works in Milan. His research investigates the notion of territory as social and physical space. His work has been shown in public and private spaces in Italy and abroad, including: PS1, New York, (2000); GNAM, Roma (2005); PAC, Milano (2006), Casino Luxemburg, Lussemburgo (2006); MART, Rovereto (2007); Museion, Bolzano [...]