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Battaglia, Nunzio

Born in Gela (1958, after graduating in architecture Nunzio Battaglia moved to Milan to devote himself to artistic research and photography. “In 1992 I began investigating the trail that Ghiri had blazed. I began to gain an awareness of the “journey” and the relationship with the landscape.”
Through landscapes, therefore, alternating with reflection on the metamorphosis [...]


Berengo Gardin, Gianni

One of the greatest photographers of social documentation, Gianni Berengo Gardin (Santa Margherita Ligure, 1930) “has documented social events of great import with constant and limpid civic duty, he has observed and fixed on film many moments of everyday life that are now part of our historical and anthropological heritage,” providing an account of half [...]


Bernadò, Jordi

The Catalan architect and photographer, Jordi Bernadò (Lleida, 1966) uses photography as a means of considering the city and architecture. His investigations of the great metropolises highlight the contradictions between the urban landscapes in the post-industrial society and display a subtle and corrosive humour.
Founder of the ACTAR publishing firm, specialising in architecture and contemporary art, [...]


Berruti, Massimo

A keen documentary eye characterises the style of Massimo Berruti, a young Roman reporter (class of ’79). The photography this front-line correspondent engaged in many of the planet’s hot-spots, is oriented towards issues of social order such race, poverty, war and immigration, with particular reference to the marginal territories that are frequently voiceless or unheard: [...]


Biamino, Bruna

A photographer of architecture and landscape, Bruna Biamino (Turin, 1956) furthered her studies with Nathan Lyons in New York, frequenting courses in black and white technique and psychoanalysis and photography.
From her earliest works on abandoned factories, her interest in industrial archaeology has translated into emotive and psychological rather than spatial and architectural research. There is [...]


Bianchi, Alessandro

Since 2009, Alessandro Bianchi, a graduate in philosophy from the University of Turin and successively specialised in the organization and research of funding for institutions operating in the cultural sector at the University of Bologna, has been the general secretary of the foundation responsible for running MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts in [...]


Biasucci, Antonio

In the photography of Antonio Biasucci (Dragoni, CE 1961) the Campania region is a revelatory microcosm, a reservoir of images that allude to the complex structures of memory and tradition, a research that traverses familiar places with the objective of going beyond them, stripping them of their subjective characteristics. The images shatter the confines of [...]



BiCuadro is an emerging architecture firm based in Rome and internationally recognized. After receiving in 2007 the 3rd prize in the international contest for the Italian Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai Expo, the BiCuadro architects have been published in important international Design and Architecture journals, confirming their ability in other international contest, including the 1st [...]


Blanco, Manuel

A member of the International Confederation of Architectural Museums (ICAM), Manuel Blanco is a curator and designer and teaches at ETSAM in Madrid.
In 2006 he curated the exhibition España [f.] Nosotras, las Ciudades in the Spanish pavilion at the X Venice Architecture Biennale. He has also curated exhibitions devoted to the work of Alberto Campo [...]


Bonanzinga, Patrizia

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